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Why We Make Shit That Matters

The Aras Story

Here’s a fun fact: Women drive up to 80% of consumer spending.

And here’s a less-fun fact: Women helm only about 0.1% of creative agencies.

That shit. Not OK.

This massive disparity doesn’t just mean workspaces lacking in culture and diversity, it misses a real opportunity to create compelling content that not only excels but elevates.

To us, it’s simple: If you’re gonna make shit that matters, you have to include the voices that do.

After years of working for traditional agencies, our founder and executive director Sara Hine realized that as a woman—and single working mother—“leaning in” is a myth, and most creative agencies follow a broken model.

So in 2016, she created ARAS: a woman-run creative studio that prioritizes human-centered communication, collaboration, efficiency, emotional connection, and stunning content—minus the BS that women have to hustle or be heartless to make an impact.

The bottom line? We create differently. Drawing from years of experience in marketing, creative, design, and human-based market research, we think making a difference starts with, well, doing shit differently. In that, we don’t see the talent or brands we work with as clients, but as partners.

And we’re damn good at it. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with organizations like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, The Travel Channel, and Burt’s Bees, along with talent like Willie Nelson, Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Oprah (yes, Oprah), and more.

Our goal is to support diverse women and those who identify as women grow profitable businesses that improve society through inclusion, authentic storytelling, and raising social consciousness.

We can do this because we are those women. We’re creatives, mothers, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious consumers working with one goal: Make shit that matters, and help you do the same.

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